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Farmers all over the world are plagued by pests, diseases, weeds and infections during seeding to harvesting. These problems cause great economical losses if not tackled well. Agsin has products for all major problems.

Agsin's comprehensive toolbox of solutions includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biopesticides in different formulations and concentrations. Zagro continually updates the portfolio of chemicals and presents only the best to the farmers.

Our technical specialists provide trainings to ensure products are used correctly, to prevent poisoning, damage to the environment and to maximize farmers' output.

Crop protection products are used to protect the plants, decrease repelling and growth of pests. It is also used to destroy or limit the growth of weeds or undesired plants and controlling or modifying the growth of plants.

Crop Protection: Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Rodenticides, Molluscicides


It is important to provide a proper nutrition for the plants as this promotes satisfactory crop growth, production and the improvement of farm yield. Crop yields will definitely be reduced if there is a shortage of nutrients in the soil, even with an adequate amount of other elements.

In Agsin, our products quality array includes soil conditioner, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, plant extracts and bio-fertilizers.

Agsin has a wide variety of formulations and combinations for plants grown in different soil conditions and climates, promoting maximum productivity. Our technical specialists is always here to advise on the product for your crops.

Our innovative formulations incorporate chelated trace minerals which boost nutrient absorption and translocation in the plants, enabling your crops grow strong and healthy.

Crop Nutrition: Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulator and Trace Element.