About Agsin Pte Ltd

AGSIN, a Life Sciences company, is engaged in the development, production, marketing and sales of crop protection products- insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and acaricides.

Established with a vision to be a leader in supplying agrochemicals that are required worldwide, AGSIN set forth towards attaining this goal immediately from its inception.

In the early 1990s, AGSIN became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ZAGRO ASIA GROUP, the only agribusiness company publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.


Rapid industrialization and burgeoning markets in Asia Pacific are creating a plethora of business opportunities. As a Singapore company, AGSIN enjoys a unique advantage in capitalizing on these unparalleled opportunities.

Singapore's strategic location at the gateway to the Asia Pacific, a stable and pragmatic government, free-enterprise economy, easy access to raw materials, a skilled English-speaking workforce, great infrastructure, world-class sea and airports, all contribute to making our exports competitive, speedy, prompt, reliable. Coupled with strong financials and state-of-the-art communication capabilities, AGSIN in Singapore stands ready-to-serve our clients' competitively, speedily, promptly, reliably all around the world.


We, at AGSIN, are constantly striving to provide products of the highest quality as we recognize that QUALITY is the single most important differentiation that separates a winning company from the rest of the competition.

This pursuit and promise of quality is very much underpinned by the strong financial and management prowess of Zagro Asia. AGSIN derives and enjoys tremendous synergy with this Group:

access to the capital market enables AGSIN to support and participate in major projects, tenders, business collaborations and alliances in Asia and worldwide. A 300-strong human resource, that is at all levels, professionally and technically competent and culturally attuned to their home markets, across ten countries in the Asian region.

The manufacturing and formulation capabilities of several plants, strategically located in Asia and supported by a world class materials application and microbiology laboratory based in Singapore.

As product registrations become increasingly key to the Life Sciences business, our ability to provide registration data including toxicology studies for regulatory submissions, has enabled us to deliver, always on a timely basis, to our customers, products that meet all the international quality standards.

Meeting market demands through customer-driven service, unique packing and technical innovation is a way of life at AGSIN. Our customer-focused services include product availability for quick order dispatch, accuracy in export procedures/documentation and customers preferred physical requirement/ packaging.

We regard our customers as business partners. Your problems become our challenges and because we view problem-solving as a joint responsibility, your successes become ours too.